Apple Health Benefits


“An apple a day, Keeps doctor away” – Let’s learn what an Apple does…..

Teeth effects

Of course it can’t replace a tooth brush but yes it can stimulate production of saliva in mouth thus reducing tooth decay by lowering bacteria.

Elude Alzheimer’s

Drinking apple juice helps keeping away Alzheimer’s and fight aging.

Guard from Parkinson’s Disease

Food containing high fiber have shown to protect against Parkinson’s disease. In Parkinson’s disease there is breakdown of brains dopamine producing nerve cells. The antioxidants in apple have ability to fight free radicals.

Clear Your Liver

Apple is a good detoxifier. Liver helps clear toxins from your body that we commonly consume from a drink or food. Apple being the easiest source to clean your liver.

Let Down the Jeopardy of Stroke

Consumption of apple reduces the risk of thrombotic stroke (Entrapment of mass of blood clot in the blood stream). A study shows that people who ate apples over 28 years’ period showed lower risk of Stroke.

Handling Diabetes

Diabetic persons need to keep a watch over their sugar. And a compound called Polyphenol directly reduces the uptake of Carbohydrates by the body, thus controlling the sugar level in the blood stream. This Polyphenols also help lower the glucose absorption from the digestive tract and releases insulin from the Pancreas. Thus apple being a Boon for those having Diabetes.

Helpful in Diarrhoea and Constipation

In case of Constipation, if you are not being able to go to bathroom, consumption apples will help you out. Fibers present in the apple, tweak out the water from the colon, a part digestive tract and in case of Diarrhea it helps fascinate excess water from the stool to slow down bowel movements.

Cure in Heart Problem

Heart problems are mainly related to the level of Cholesterol. Apple once a day plays main role in lowering the Cholesterols being a protection mechanism against the heart problems with its antioxidants property by lowering fat oxidation and neutralizing Tri-glycerides seen between the blood vessels that cause hazardous pressure. Inflammation can be abridged by Quercetin (a flavonoid) present in the Apple skin.

Relieves Cholesterol Problems

The soluble fiber in apples binds with the fats in the intestine thus reducing the cholesterol levels. Apple being rich in fiber makes you feel full and reduces craving and overeating. Apples have the ability to speed up our metabolism thus the calories consumed after eating an apple are burned off quickly.

Eye Disorders

Apples being rich in flavonoids and antioxidant polynutrients helps make eye stronger and improve eyesight and thus help treating night blindness. They help protect the eyes by reducing the free radical effect on eyes thus preventing problems like macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma.


Apples help providing relief in problems like inflammatory conditions like arthritis and gout. The flavonoid rich contents in apple like kaempferol, Quercetin and myricetin aid a useful aid in healing process

Respiratory Issues

Apples have shown awesome anti-inflammatory behavior. Apples have stood a natural treatment for asthmatic patients. Our respiratory system is highly susceptible to inflammation and number of respiratory conditions from all those asthma being the most serious disorders and apple being an excellent cure to it.

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