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Thinking about why and how to clean your baby’s gum pads? Allow us to assist you with a number of your questions….

Is it important to clean your baby’s gums before his/her teeth come in?

The answer to this question is a massive yes. It’s important to clean her gums before her first tooth erupts. There are so many bacteria in our mouth, but these bacteria cannot harm the gums before the tooth erupts, however it’s difficult to mention that when the teeth can begin to push out, thus better to start early. Shortly after birth, Oral microbial colonization starts inside your infant’s mouth. They contain millions of micro-organism in it. As the teeth begin to erupt into the mouth, the colonization changes because there is presence of extra hard tissue surfaces (tooth) for colonization. Stimuli from the mother/caregiver and relatives also play a role in the type of colonization of your baby’s mouth. this way cleaning gum pads not solely helps to clean his gums however additionally your baby is getting used to the regular cleaning ways and taking it as a part of his daily routine, and this successively can build his next step, tooth brushing easier.

How to clean his/her gums?

You usually need a clean gauze or clean cotton cloth (Handkerchief) and a glass of water to clean your baby’s gum pads. The first step to clean your baby’s gum pads is to wash your hands completely thus no infection will touch your baby. Then, wrap a clean gauze or cotton around your index finger and open the baby’s mouth and gently clean the upper gum pad followed by the lower one. Ready made finger brushes are available in the market.

Till what age gum pads are there in your baby’s mouth?

Gum pads are present in your baby’s mouth till about 6-7 months of age. This period is known as Pre-dentate stage.

What is the proper time to clean your baby’s gum pads?

A new-born has no fixed schedule or interval for feeding so parents are confused about when to wipe off her gums, however the best time is at night, and once your baby grows older (like about six months or older) you can begin to wipe off his mouth after the last meal of the day, this conjointly facilitate your kid to get accustomed with cleaning of his mouth before reaching to bed. Even after first tooth erupts, mother should continue to carry on his/her oral hygiene.

Position to clean your baby’s gum pads?

Your baby must be in your lap. Your baby should be face up with head close to your chest. This Position can enable direct vision into your baby’s mouth.

What if you see any redness or ulceration in your baby’s mouth?

It is safe to wipe your child’s mouth avoiding the ulceration, however your kid is restless then you can avoid doing it and begin over again once the ulceration heals within a week or few. It’s better to consult your dentist. We recommend you to go to pedodontist, a specialised dentist for babies. He/she can prescribe you gum paints or topical analgesics.

So from now be attentive to your baby’s gum pads and clean it every day…

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