Dengue Fever: How does it affect us?


One of the deadliest diseases, dengue is also known as Breakbone Fever or Dandy Fever. The infected patient is affected by the virus transmitted by mosquito. It is as dangerous as malaria and has caused millions of death across the world.

Dengue is an acute illness that can grab the individual by showing symptoms like a headache, fever, severe muscle and joint pain. The dengue virus is contracted after the bite of Aedes Aegypti mosquito which has previously bitten the infected person.

These types of mosquitoes flourishes in wet areas like water filled flower pots, cans year-round and another such area. This silent fever slowly and steadily affects the body and there is a significant drop in blood platelets.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are about 390 million cases of dengue fever worldwide. India also saw a doubling up of cases of dengue from 2014 to 2015 and the worst hit city was Delhi with over 1800 cases of the fever.(source)

It is essential to educate people regarding the symptoms and diagnosis of the fever. Moreover, taking prevention to stay away from the web of dengue is the best way to deal with the disease.

Self Analysis: Know the Symptoms of the Fever

As mentioned above, there are certain symptoms of this disease which are important to know to avoid the seriousness of the disease:

The symptoms of Dengue start with chills, headache, appetite loss, and fever. Often people think that they are affected with cold or viral due to change in weather which is a myth.

These symptoms further intensify with muscle and joint pains. Once the fever grabs the person it quickly rises to 104°F and low blood pressure leading to extreme weakness. In addition to this, the individual will also witness red rashes on certain areas of the body. Other symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Cough
  • Sore Throat

Medical Tests: Go for medical diagnosis before it is too late

The diagnosis of the dengue fever is done when the patient starts showing symptoms of the disease. However, sometime the diagnosis of this disease can be quite difficult because symptoms can overlap with other viral or Chikungunya. Generally, the diagnosis is done clinically and the doctor would perform blood test CBC (Complete Blood test), Liver Function Test and PCR( Polymerase chain reaction) to diagnose the severity and the virus type.

During the process of the dengue diagnosis, the doctor may ask for your medical history and travel information. The individual will be asked to undergo a certain test that will provide a clear picture of the severity of the disease.

A patient who is being attacked by the dengue disease has to go through  various treatment processes for weeks. Doctor would observe the condition of the patient and prescribe medication until the virus is completely flushed out of the body.

How to evict Life Threatening Dengue from your System?

Dengue is the most deadly disease that has caught the world underneath. Transmitted through water-borne Aedes mosquito, the virus has taken lives of million people across the world. These viruses are also related to the viruses that also causes West Nile Infection and Yellow Fever.

From Indian Subcontinent to parts of western countries, there have been many cases of this disease and the number of patients has been increasing with an inching graph.

A patient facing the dengue symptoms should instantly seek doctor’s intervention for medication and intense treatment that is required. One of the unfortunate parts of treating this disease is there is no specific medication, compared to malaria and other virus inflicted diseases.

The patient who faces symptoms like fever, headache, rashes on skin and muscle & joint pain need to undergo the treatment for this disease. Physicians will order a Complete Blood Test (CBC) to know platelet and white blood cell counts.

Treat it before it dismisses You

As said, there is no specific vaccine available for this disease. However, the doctor would recommend certain medicine and diet that can help your body to fight against the virus. Drinking plenty of fluids, resting and consuming certain medication shouldn’t be ignored during such situation.

If the fever persists for longer days, doctors would recommend the patient to get admitted so that it doesn’t infect other members of the family. You may need to spend days in hospital until the dengue virus completely wipes out of your body.

The patient would undergo intensive care measures and supportive treatments for special care. If you’re consuming certain pills, then make sure to stop to avoid any further complications.

Simple Ways to Prevent Dengue Fever

Prevention is better than cure. It is advised to always stay alert to prevent bites by mosquitoes, especially if you’re travelling to a country which has a large case of dengue fever. Below mentioned are certain points to consider for protecting yourself:

  • Staying away from populated area and where mosquitoes breeds
  • Keep your indoor and outdoor area clean. If you’ve have a small garden or bucket filled with water, do clean them on regular basis to prevent larvae formation.
  • Wear light-coloured and protective clothing that can cover your maximum part of body
  • If you come across certain symptoms of this disease, then instantly visit your doctor to seek medication and undergo blood test if the symptoms persist.
  • Keep your windows and door hole free to avoid mosquitoes to enter
  • If any of your members has infected with the disease, then protect yourself against the contamination.
  • Use bed nets that can protect your body against mosquito bites. These nets are more effective compared to repellent.
  • Protect your home with mosquito coils and vaporizing mats


The individual affected by the disease will face hardships during the treatment and weakness that if not treated properly can lead to death. It is essential to seek proper information and precautions to avoid it. It is important to follow above mentioned prevention methods. The most important thing is if you or any of your family member witnesses’ dengue symptoms seeking right precaution and seeking advice from a doctor is the best thing to do.

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