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Health insurance is now the basic requirement in every life’s person. So it is necessary for each and every person must know all basic and some advanced information on the health insurance.

So let’s get started with the question that flashes in your mind first that is “Health insurance meaning?

What is health insurance?

Health insurance is nothing but one type of agreement between you and your health insurance companies or health insurers. Health insurance basically covers your medical expenses after you buy your medical or health insurance from health insurance companies.

Depending on what plan you choose, your health insurance companies pay your some amount of the medical expenses or full amount of medical expenses. To know your health insurance policies you must contact your insurance provider.

Why is it essential know about health insurance?

Despite your need for medical insurance, you also must know about health insurance. Everyone needs different health insurance plans.

Today there are many types of health insurances are available such as individual health insurance, family health insurance, group health insurance, etc. So by knowing your health insurance, you are knowing what are the benefits of the health insurance? what health insurance you should choose? which is the best health insurance for you? etc.

Even there are private health insurance plans and public health insurance plans available, so you must know them and have to best choose from private health insurance plans and public health insurance plans.

Why you need health insurance?

Health insurance is the elementary need of every person. And due to latest medical techniques, instrument, machinery and increasing doctor’s skills & knowledge, medical treatment or medical costs are rising day by day.

As we all know prices are rising in all aspect of our life but with medical expenses scenario is different as rising prices are very high and so to avoid these you must need health insurance.

Health insurance covers most of the critical diseases/conditions and surgeries. But keep in mind that these all services depend on your chosen health insurance plan. So it’s better to read your health policies first.

If you are a millionaire, then it is fine for you to take all the high medical expenses, but what if you are from middle or lower class? What if you are not having enough saving for these huge medical expenses? What if you live alone and no one is there to support you? In such cases, the only answer is “Health Insurance”.

What health insurance covers? or What are the health insurance benefits?

Coverage of health insurance depends on the plan you choose. Benefits are different according to different plans. High paying insurance premiums cover all the medical liabilities whereas low paying insurance premiums cover necessary liabilities.

Depending upon your plan, your health insurance may covers:

  • Health care visits
  • Routine checkups, vaccines, and some others preventive measures
  • Hospital stays
  • Treatment cost of most of the critical diseases/conditions
  • Expenses of radiographic diagnostic aids such as normal x-rays, ultrasonography, MRI, CT-Scan, etc.
  • Expenses of laboratory investigations
  • Maternity care
  • Major and minor surgical procedures

What are the types of health insurance?

Various health insurances are available nowadays. These may include:

  • Public health insurance
  • Private health insurance

Public health insurance is basically run by the government for better health of the public of the nation. Public health insurance is basically provided by the government health agencies. These plans are basically cheaper than private health insurance.

Private health insurance is run by the private companies as a business venture for their profit. Private health insurance is quite costlier than the public health insurance but these plans have some extra benefits at some extra costs.

Both public health insurance and private health insurance include:

  • Individual health insurance
  • Family health insurance
  • Group health insurance or Employee health insurance or Corporate health insurance

Individual health insurance is the insurance of the individual person as the name suggests. All the insurance benefits lie to the individual only.

Family health insurance is the insurance amount the whole family. So all the benefits belong to each family members.

Group health insurance or Employee health insurance or Corporate health insurance is basically for the employee of the companies.

How to get health insurance?

An answer to this question is, there are many media available from where you can buy the best health insurance such as:

  • Directly contact public health insurance companies or private health insurance companies
  • Insurance companies hire some agents or health insurers. Contact them and tell him about your required plan.
  • Nowadays, online websites are the big way of buying insurances. Find some online insurance companies below in this article.

Know your health insurance policies

It is very important to know your health insurance policy. A wide range of choices is available for health insurance. You must choose you to plan according to your need. You must be clear with what treatment you will need? And accordingly, you can go for a suitable plan.

Do in depth analysis of the various insurance policies of different health insurance companies including public health insurance companies and private health insurance companies. After that choose the best health insurance as per your need.

Health insurance is the one who protects your future health care expenses. Choose the best plan for you as you are going to pay by the health insurers according to your plan.

Why check health insurance plans regularly?

If you think, yes I have bought health insurance and so now I am free, then you are wrong. It is as important to check your health insurance plans regularly as you buy your health insurance. Because many health insurance companies change their benefits and premiums each year without informing you at the time of change.

You will get informed just before the next premium. So it’s better to check and compare with other best health insurance companies for best and affordable health insurance. And if you find any best health insurance plan from other company you can join easily after your ongoing premium ends (preferably after 1 year).

Even in some cases where you were single when you purchased the health insurance and then you got married and have kids then you can go for best family health insurance after premium ends.

Choose best health insurance plans for you

It is always advisable to choose the best health insurance plan. There are basic health insurance and comprehensive health insurance.

Even there are individual health insurance, family health insurance, group, employee or corporate health insurance in both public health insurance companies and private health insurance companies as said earlier.

So choose best and wisely to get the best outcome.

Health insurance premium calculator

If you are thinking of calculating the premium according to your need and then want to choose the best health insurance plan then use this best health insurance premium calculator.

List of some online health Insurance companies websites


Don’t wait for your age to overcome, invest in the best health plan now to harvest best health care in the future.

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