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Give your kid a healthy lunchbox to school…

A Healthy Lunchbox is a very important part in your kid’s school day and it ought to meet a minimum of one-third of your kid’s daily needs. Try to pack plenty of nutritious food to create your kid’s school day a productive one.

Let’s begin with some Fruits and Vegetables

Loads of healthy foods ranging from blueberries to tiny tomatoes creating it a lot of like a treat for kids. A colorful theme for your child’s lunchbox is a lot of good – yogurt, asparagus, red peppers and carrots and fruit cocktail desserts with cherries, melon balls, and tangerine. For a vitamin rich high fiber diet make sure there are plenty of good fruits and vegetables. To fuel your child’s brain power for the afternoon and school work you need to avoid foods like white bread as a result of the sugar and starch which will cause energy dips after lunch.

Add Cheese to your Kid’s Healthy Lunch Box

Cheese sticks rich in calcium and a decent supply of protein can be consumed rather than bread and meat (above the necessary dose). Several studies claim that dairy product such as cheese has anti-cariogenic properties. Hence, intake of cheese helps protect teeth against cavities.

Is your Kid food selective?

Some steps will assist you to cope up with your kid’s choices.

  • Involve your kid – keep your kid beside you when you are planning or preparing the lunch box. He can offer you his opinions and selections for his favorite food.
  • Make your kid happy – kids have a little list of foods they love, thus it’s attainable that they’ll make a choice from one or two foods each day. However, during this case, you’ll be able to include a lot of choices for your kid.
  • Communicate with dietician or nutritionist – use their healthy tips as a recommendation for your kid to follow.
  • If your kid isn’t pleased with whole grains like wheaten bread, no ought to worry, may well be your kid feels full with these fibrous and tummy filling foods than during this case, you’ll be able to opt for alternative fiber supplying foods like beans and pulses or either add salads or sandwich.
  • They’ll conjointly like brown rice, pasta or bread once your kid may be a very little old for it.

What part of nutrition does your kid need?

Daily needs for a 3-year-old kid are:

  • Grains: 4-5 slices of bread or 4-5 cups of ready to eat cereals or a 2-21/2 cup of cooked rice/pasta/cereals.
  • Vegetables: 1 – 1 1/2 cup of tiny chopped vegetables.
  • Fruits: 1 – 1 1/2 cup of fruits.
  • Dairy Products: 2 cups of milk/yogurt or 1 1/2 ounces of natural cheese or 2 ounces of processed cheese
  • Meat: 3 ounces of meat Beans: ¼ cup cooked dry beans
  • Eggs: 1 egg

Healthy drinks in Healthy lunch box

Healthy drink in Lunch box will include water initially, a 100% pure fruit juices and liquid yogurt without added sugar in it.

Offer your kid enough calcium in healthy lunch box

Good for your child’s bone health. You’ll be able to get this enough from milk, cheese, yogurt, green vegetables and canned fish.

Protein rich diet is equally important

Good for growth. Keeps you full with good selections like skinless chicken, oily fish, eggs and dairy foods, beans, pulses, and vegetables.

Dairy products

Yogurt dose for your kid is about 50-100 grams, cheddar cheese approx. 15-20 grams, soft cheese 20-25 grams, a glass of milk 150-175 ml.

Starch rich food

Which incorporates bread, noodles, pasta, cereals, corn flakes, potatoes, and rice. That provides energy and meets 1/3rd of your child’s need you will opt for whole grain food items and sandwiches.


Some handy fruits sort of a tiny apple, orange or banana, blueberries which will facilitate them. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, help in maintaining the health of the Gums.

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