How to gain weight?


People who are underweight needs to gain weight. You can determine whether you are underweight by determining body mass index. Body mass index is calculated by determining your height and weight. Person is considered underweight when they body mass index is less than 18.5.

What to do if you are underweight?
You may think that being underweight is not a problem, but it is as important to treat as obese person. One solution is to gain weight.

Causes of being underweight:
There are various things that can lead you to become an underweighted where you may need to gain weight to avoid health problems.
Causes are eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, hyperthyroidism, celiac disease, uncontrolled diabetes, cancer, infection, etc.

What to overcome being underweighted?
One solution is to gain weight in healthy way.

How to gain weight?
Two ways to gain weight: by consumption of food and exercising.

What to eat to gain weight?
To gain weight you can increasing the amount of calories intake per day. So you need to eat more than you daily needed calories. If you wish to gain weight, fast than increase 700-1000 more calories in your daily routine and if you want to gain weight steady over the time than increase you calories intake by 300-500 calories.

Eat more of protein to gain weight. Eating food that has sufficient amount of protein will help you to increase muscle mass instead of fat. Foods such as eggs, fish, nuts, meats and dairy products.

Normally you should avoid high carb and food with fat, but in this case it is recommended that you eat food which contains high carbs and fat.
There are also products available in market which are consumed in powder form to increase weight.

Exercising to gain weight
People do not just go to gym to lose weight; they also go there to gain weight. Heavy weight lifting is one way to go. Go to gym at least three times per week to increase muscle mass over the time. If you want, hiring a personal trainer is be recommended.

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