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What is more sickening than constant lectures in loose weigh by simple food alterations? It seems like everyone has learnt these tips: eating smaller portions of food to maintain diet, 30 minute walk as a starter, etc. We humans are addicted to certain types of foods, especially those that can affect our weight negatively.

When the situation goes out of hand, we tend to check out tips and diet charts to bring down the weight. Losing weight is not an overnight magic. It requires lots of patience and dedication. Many win the challenge of losing weight, but others just can bear the loss of staying away from their favourite food and keep dreaming that one day they will reach their ideal weight.

We bring you some of the weight loss diet tricks that will work wonders. From herbal products to exercise, you need to prepare your mind and body to go through a rigorous process of weight loss. These points will definitely answer your question on How to lose weight?

  • Bon Voyage Junk Food: When it comes to finding a reason for putting on weight, junk food are the first to be blamed. Excess use of oil makes these junk food unhealthy and fat just creeps inside our skin. From fruits to juice, there is substantial amount of healthy alternative food options available you can choose from. If you’ve a carton of crispy chips or such other items, it’s time to do the unthinkable: Bid them Adieu.
  • Yoga Way: The Right Way: Have you ever come across Baba Ramdev’s yoga video where he performs various yoga postures to deal with various health issues? If No! Then it’s time to follow his yoga sessions. Yoga has been practiced since ages and is considered as an effective natural weight loss treatment. From breathing exercise like Kapalbhati to Yogic Jogging, each carries its own effect to bring down the weight. There are many more other yoga asanas helping to lose weight.
  • Healthy Eating: From having small meals after every 2-3 hours, to eating selected items, healthy eating is the answer for How to lose weight fast? Consume apple, milk, egg whites, bread and nuts on the regular basis to deal with cravings. Salads, fruits and high-fibre vegetables should be included in your daily diet. Cut down from heavy sugar food items that will add up to your weight. No doubt, healthy eating should be your first priority if decided to go on weight loss diet.
  • Go Herbal: If you’re a tea addict, then replacing your regular tea consumption with green tea, hibiscus tea and other herbal tea is the best way to overcome the weight gain. Green coffee bean is also a good option for weight loss.


Following a proper diet plan chart from well-known nutritionist or fitness expert, you can follow a strict, but effective healthy practices. The benefit of following the diet chart and healthy food is not restricted to losing weight, but also to increase energy, stronger immune system and better body structure. So choice is yours huge belly or ripped muscles?

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