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The DNA Protector

Kiwi is known for its ability to protect DNA by oxygen related damage. This healing property is thought to be by its vitamin C and beta-carotene content. The carotenoids and flavonoids in it that demonstrate antioxidant property help in DNA protection. The citrus property of kiwi is also beneficial in respiratory related health problems that includes wheezing, shortness of breath or night coughing shows a study done on 6-7 year old children.

Foremost Anti-Oxidant Defence
Kiwi is amongst the ranking fruit for its rich vitamin C content. Its water-soluble antioxidant property helps it neutralize the free radicals that can cause damage to cells thus causing inflammation and cancer. Vitamin C in adequate amount is a cure to problems like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and asthma also prevents colon cancer, atherosclerosis and diabetic heart disease. The additional benefits of vitamin C is its protective action for the immune system, also prevents recurrent ear infections. And the foremost is its required consumption can help prevent heart disease, stroke and cancer.

Blood Sugar Control, CVS Health and Colon Benefits
The rich fiber content of kiwi is helpful for reducing high cholesterol levels, a reduced risk of heart disease and heart attack. Fiber also helps removing toxins from the colon and helps preventing colon cancer. For diabetic patient kiwi is helpful in reducing cholesterol levels. A food ranking test on kiwi also shows that it ranks good in its potassium content.

Asthma Protection
The vitamin C content in kiwi helps cure respiratory problems related with asthma like wheezing. A study published in “thorax” has concluded that eating most citrus fruits and kiwi fruit showed 44% reduced incidence of wheezing, 32% reduced shortness of breath, 41% reduced severe wheeze, night time cough reduced by 27%, chronic cough by 25% and runny nose by 28%. Eating kiwi twice a week reduced the risk of asthma.

Protection Against Macular Degeneration
A data published in archives of ophthalmology showed that eating more than 3 serving of this fruit a week reduces the risk of eye damage. A study on 110000 has shown that consumption of kiwi has shown to reduce inflammation and intestinal bleeding.

Beauty Benefits
Its vitamin C content has many devasting skin benefits. It helps as an anti-oxidant helps damage to skin caused by sun, pollution, smoke thus improving skin tone skin texture and smoothens wrinkles.

Helps Get Better Sleep
A study shows that adults with the problem of deficient sleep kiwi helps improve sleep onset, duration and efficiency in adults with self-reported sleep disturbances.

Heart Health
Kiwi is known for its fiber and potassium content for maintain heart health. The good consumption of potassium and intake with decreased sodium intake helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. A study shows that consumption of 4069 mg of potassium per day has shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems by 49% compared to those who consume less potassium. The high intake of potassium has associated with reduced risk of stroke, protection against muscle loss, preservation of bone mineral density and reduces risk of kidney stone formation.

Lowering Blood Pressure
The high potassium content in kiwis has always proved beneficial in reducing risk of high blood pressure. Even the high potassium content also help negate the effects of sodium in body. Low intake of potassium is not a healthy sign for blood pressure patients. High potassium intake is associated with 20% decreased risk of dying from all causes.

Constipation Prevention
The dietary supplements in kiwi has shown to have laxative effect. The effect of kiwi consumption has shown to promote bulkier, softer and more frequent stool production.

Protects From DNA Damage
The antioxidants in kiwi help protect the cell DNA from oxidative damage. And this property has shown that this property help prevent cancer this has shown in a study by Collins, Horska and Hotten.

Striking Taste and Food Variety
The super cool look and the lip watering taste of kiwi is commendable being different from other fruits. The nutritional value of each fruit is different. All the fruits are unique in its own way. The problem with our dietary habits is such that we eat only limited number of fruits in our daily diet thus the nutritional value decreases.

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