Mango Health Benefits


Controls Blood Pressure

The richness of mangoes is by its potassium, magnesium, selenium, calcium, iron and phosphorous from them the first two being the natural cure for patients with high blood pressure. Mangoes are a powerhouse of vitamins like Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, NIACIN, FOLATE, THIAMIN and pantothenic acid. Its vitamin E content helps boost sex life by increasing your sex hormone activity.

Inhibiting Cancer and Improving Heart Health
The richness of mango is by its rich dietary fiber content called pectin that helps lower the cholesterol levels in blood. Other property of pectin is it helps reduce the chances of prostate cancer. The European study has also shown relatively lower risk of cancer in the persons eating mangoes.

Weight Addition
An easiest way to gain weight is by eating mangoes. 50 grams of mangoes has 86 calories in it and that is easy for our body to absorb. Eiuuu that’s easy now!! The starch in it transforms to sugar and thus causes to gain your weight. The persons with high weight surely have mango in their diet and the yummiest mango milkshake that also boosts your weight with its milk content.

Helps Digestion
An excellent property of mango is promoting natural, efficient digestion by its bioactive ingredients like esters, terpens and aldehydes that enhances appetite and better functioning of digestive system. Also helps to cure indigestion and excess acidity.

A Cure for Anaemia And Good To A Pregnant Lady
Iron deficiency is one of the main cause for anaemia. A moderate intake of mangoes does help cure anaemia by increasing your RBC count. In a pregnant lady mango can prove to be a boon by its iron content thus a pregnant lady can enjoy mangoes without any external iron supplementation. This juicy mango helps her increase iron and above them they help her with other health benefits.

Beauty Benefits
An another amazing property of mangoes is that it helps glow your skin.

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