Pineapple Health Benefits


Crazy for Pina coladas, then you will love pineapple juices…Being a yummy fruit it also has some health benefits….

Let’s know some………

Anti-Inflammatory Properties
Pineapple being the major dietary source of is found in greatest concentration in the core of the fruit. The bromelain in it makes it useful in treatment of spot injuries and pain due to it.

Anticancer Properties
Bromelain in pineapple helps as an effective cancer-fighting agent. It contains beta carotene that protect against prostate and colon cancer.

Heart Benefits
Its rich fiber, potassium and vitamin c content helps maintain heart health. Vitamin C that helps decrease risk of coronary heart disease. High potassium intake also reduces risk of stroke and preservation of bone mineral density and reduced kidney stone formation.

Prevents Cataract
Plays an important role by protecting vision. High intake of vitamin C reduces cataract that results in cloudiness of lens interfering with vision.

Fertility Perks
The beneficial vitamins and minerals including vitamin c, beta carotene, copper, zinc and folate help boost fertility in men and women.

Asthma Prevention
Pineapples are good source of beta carotene that converts to Vitamin A. Beta carotene reduces the risk of exercise-induced asthma.

Osteoarthritis Treatment
The bromelain in pineapple helps in arthritis treatment.

Type 1 diabetics that consume high fiber show lower blood glucose levels and those type 2 show improved blood sugar, lipids and insulin levels. 1 medium pineapple=13 grams of sugar.

Pineapples being high in fiber and water help prevent constipation and promote healthy digestive tract.

Blood pressure
Increased potassium intake helps lower blood pressure that is made available by pine apple.

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