Strawberry Health Benefits


Boost Immunity

They are an excellent source of Vitamin C and humans don’t have the natural tendency to produce Vitamin C. Vitamin C being a well-known immunity booster as well as powerful, fast working antioxidant. The anti-oxidant power of strawberries becomes bio-available or ready to work in the blood after eating fruit just for few weeks.

Promotes Eye Health
Its antioxidant properties help prevent cataract (clouding over eye lens) that leads to blindness at older age. Vitamin C also helps strengthening eyes cornea and retina. Vitamin C protects the eyes from sun’s harsh UV rays.

Help Fight Cancer
Vitamin C the antioxidant in strawberries that help with cancer prevention the phytochemical called “Ellagic Acid” also found in strawberries is shown to yield anticancer properties like suppressing cancer cell growth. Additionally, Strawberries contain Lutein and Zeathancins that are antioxidants who are scavengers to free radicals that neutralize the negative effect on our cells.

A Wrinkle Fighter
The benefits of vitamin C are continued as a vital to production of collagen that improves skin’s elasticity and resilience. Increasing age causes loss of collagen from body thus consumption of vitamin c may bear the loss and give you healthy skin and give you a younger look. Another component ellagic acid also prevented collagen production and inflammatory response that are the major to causing aging.

Help Remove Bad Cholesterol
Heart disease being one of the leading causes of death in Canadian women. Fortunately we have strawberries contain powerful health boosters. Ellagic acid and flavonoids the antioxidants benefit the heart health. The work by counteracting the effect of low density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol in blood that leads to plaque build-up in arteries. And the other one is by providing anti-inflammatory effect. Adding strawberries to your diet reduces oxidative damage and blood lipids. Thus giving a help to heart diseases and diabetes

Help Reduce Inflammation
Powerful antioxidant property and presence of phytochemicals help reduce inflammation of the joints that are key reasons for arthritis and heart disease.

Help Boost Fiber
Strawberries contain about 2 grams of fiber per serving. Fiber being an important factor whose absence can lead to constipation and inflammation of the intestines. Also helps fight type 2 diabetes by reducing the absorption of sugar in blood.

Weight management
Healthy diet and weight are deference for almost all the diseases. Strawberries are a typical diet food being naturally low in calories, fat free, and less in sodium and sugar content and its carbohydrate content is less than half slice of bread.

Promotes Pre-Natal Health
Folate is a Vitamin B component that is necessary for pregnant women and those conceiving and strawberries being a good source of it with 21 mcg per serving. It helps in early development of baby’s brain, skull and spinal cord in early stages.

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