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Viral fever, a hot topic to write on and a good topic to search on. Like sorry to say this but yes nowadays this topic is more trending than other good internet stuff.

Yes, it is true nowadays viral fever is a very common illness affecting most of the people nearby. You all must have seen that any single member at each door complaints about this.

So here we have gathered for you some useful information about the viral fever that will stop your search further.

What is viral fever?

Viral fever is a common ailment that affects people from different age groups. However, children are the worst who are major targets of such infectious fever.

What is viral fever? See how there is rise in body temperature in fever.

This type of fever can include a wide spectrum of health conditions and causes majorly due to viral infection. People with lower immunity are generally the ones affected.

The temperature in this fever keeps on fluctuating but doesn’t get eliminated from the body for weeks. Mainly viral fever symptoms include high fever and body ache.

Viral fever a term used for a broad spectrum of conditions where viral infection leads to increase in normal body temperature commonly seen affecting children and old persons due to lowered immune response.

Some common viral fever symptoms you can find are body ache, headache and skin rashes. You can also treat a viral fever by several home remedies for viral fever that we will discuss later in this article.

When you talk about fever it basically means that your body temperature is increased (one of the most common viral fever symptoms) due to any reason either due to illness or due to any other infection.

Viral fever causes

It is basically a condition that gets transmitted from one person to another. Some of the common ways how virus and germs spread are coughing, sneezing or physical contact with the affected person (look for viral fever symptoms in such person). Apart from this, our immune systems fail to fight against the germs, causing infection in the body and further resulting in fever. These are major causes of fever and it takes the time to heal, leaving the body drained.

Causes of viral fever are:
  • Consuming any foods or drinks contaminated by the virus
  • Inhalation of the aerolised particles
  • Coming in contact with the infected person either by blood or sexually

Viral fever symptoms

Viral fever symptoms can overlap other infection’s symptoms and an individual may find it difficult to differentiate between the two. Body pain and fever are the most common viral fever symptoms.

It is mainly diagnosed by an increase in normal body temperature in a range of 100 to 103 degrees or higher. Viral fever itself is not a disease it is the cause of an underlying condition or infection.

The common viral fever symptoms include irregular body temperature, chills, sore throat, headache, shivering, coughing, sneezing, nasal congestion, sweating, itchiness in a throat, weakness, redness in eyes, watery nose.

Common symptoms of viral fever


In long standing fever, you might notice some severe viral fever symptoms such as increasing temperature, vomiting, swelling of the face then you need to see your doctor immediately.

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Seriously sometimes viral fever can also put you in a miserable situation. Don’t neglect severe viral fever symptoms never-ever.

Viral fever diagnosis

You must have some knowledge of viral fever diagnosis along with the viral fever symptoms to treat viral infection early. As said earlier it can be caused as a result of any underlying infection or illness.

For this, you need to rule out the source of viral infection, and this you can know by CBC test report. CBC report also called as complete blood count. Complete blood count shows an increase in white blood cell count in case of infection and even you can see a rise in lymphocytes, other components like RBC’s remain unchanged and ESR rate is also not changed.VIral fever diagnosis

In some cases, you need to get the confirmation about the virus affected that is done by swab test and skin rash test is also performed for this.

Viral fever is one of the first sign in case of infections like dengue, malaria, cholera, typhoid, pneumonia etc. The bacterium responsible can be known with the CBC report thus knowing the cause and treating it.

Viral fever treatment

Turning to the main attraction point of this article that is the cure for viral fever or viral infection. Viral fever treatment may depend on the severity of the condition. Generally, doctors aim to reduce the viral fever symptoms that come along.

There are certain medications and antibiotics prescribed to bring down the level of fever. A thorough examination is conducted by the doctor because if the problem persists, it can be fatal.

At the first visit to your doctor, he would listen to your problem like let’s say your viral fever symptoms and accordingly he can get an idea about the condition.

As we said ago I again repeat that in case if u notice severe viral fever symptoms like vomiting, high fever >104 degrees then you need to visit your doctor sooner for quick diagnosis and needful treatment.

Steroids are commonly prescribed by the doctor in extreme cases. And please do complete the whole dosage of the medicine because you might feel good after few doses but discontinuing the medication can cause the bacteria resistant to the drug and that is not good.

And one important thing to note is that if you take Non-Prescribed medications on your own that can cause many problems to your body like acidity, kidney and liver problems so be aware and stay safe.

Before jumping to Home Remedies for Viral Fever, you must read about “Viral infection in Babies” so that you can get aware and treat your babies against viral infection.

Home remedies for viral fever

We have many times heard that people when find initial viral fever symptoms such as slight fever or chills don’t go to the doctor and rely on their usual antibiotics for cure but there comes a bad news to them because this is instead harmful to their health because antibiotics help kill bacteria, not virus really, so please don’t  self- medicate but yes in the initial stage of the fever, you may consider taking home remedies to treat the fever.

Some of the home remedies for viral fever you can try are tulsi leaves, coriander tea consumption, and dry ginger etc. You can also do the following:

  • Applying salt water pack on the forehead for 5-10 minutes to avoid fever getting on the head
  • Dressing light and cool clothes
  • Consuming of simple food free from oil or spices
  • Drinking Coriander tea and fenugreek water

By using these simple home remedies for viral fever, you may find resolve in initial viral fever symptoms.

Read our top 10 home remedies for viral fever below to treat viral fever or viral infection as early as possible and you may notice your viral fever symptoms are getting disappeared.

But keep in mind that the duration of the fever may vary in adults and kids. If the fever temperature doesn’t fall down even after taking home remedies and remains up to 103° F consult a doctor.

Earlier we told you about what is viral fever. We hope that was helpful to you. Here, we will discuss some home remedies for viral fever that can help you fight viral fever by using simply natural homely remedies.

Top 10 home remedies to treat viral fever/viral infection

Our chosen top 10 home remedies for viral infections are:

  • Potato with Vinegar
  • Lemon
  • Garlic
  • Raisins
  • Ginger
  • Tulsi
  • Fenugreek
  • Rice starch
  • Herbal Tea
  • Margosa
Our top 10 home remedies for viral fever, a good way to prevent viral fever!Potato (potato and vinegar therapy)

Amazed seeing your favorite potato as a home remedy. Yes, that’s true potato with vinegar is helpful for fever. For this, you need to soak potato slices in vinegar for 10 minutes and place it over your forehead above a small towel or wet cloth. This will help you provide relief and can prove beneficial.


You have to use lemon by slicing it and rubbing it over your soles for a long time or either you cut to put the slices on your soles and wear socks so they can stay for overnight.


A Garlic is seen to be very helpful in the treatment of fever. It only can be used by slicing it, crushing it or making a puree and consume it, if you don’t find a good taste you can also mix it with honey that can also be helpful.

Another method is by crushing 2 cloves of garlic and mix it with olive oil. This mixture has to be applied to your soles and to keep it longer or overnight you wrap a plastic bag over it.

Yummy raisins

One of the tasty home remedies for viral fever. You need to mix approx. 25 raisins in a cup of water. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then crush the raisins. Pour this mixture into a glass and mix lime in it. You need to strain the mixture and consume it twice a day for good results.


Ginger is known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties that make it an important ingredient in the treatment of viral fever. You can also use ginger with honey as it can help smoothen your sore throat and helps to provide relief and comfort. You can use ginger by boiling 2 gingers in a cup of water and drink it. More additions of turmeric, black pepper, and sugar can also be used and boil it till it becomes half of its original volume and consume it in small amounts. This will provide a good effect on your throat.


Tulsi is a real boon for us by God that can be easily available nearby and can also be easily grown nearby. Since years Tulsi is used in many home remedies for a cough, cold and also for viral fever. Tulsi has antibacterial, antibiotic and germicidal properties. It’s simple to make a good herbal cure from this, boil approximately 20 leaves in a liter of water and add a pinch of clove powder to it and boil it till it becomes half of its original volume. And drink it once every 2 hours.


Happy seeing it as a home remedy, I am sure you must be having fenugreek in each kitchen. It a common food ingredient found in each house. This fenugreek is a bunch of good compounds like diosgenin, saponins, and alkaloids. You need to use it by dissolving one teaspoon on of seeds in half a cup of water and put it overnight and drink in the morning after straining. Fenugreek can also mix honey or lemon for good taste and comfort.

Rice starch

Yes, rice is a very good cure for viral fever. Since ages rice is known as an immune system booster, but it increases urinations thus helps clean toxins from the body. You have to cook rice in water and after the rice is half cooked strain it and drinks the water. You can add salt for good taste. It is very helpful and good home remedy to viral fever.

Herbal tea

Herbal tea is a good cure for viral fever. It has antibiotic and medicinal properties that help cure viral fever. A type of herbal tea called as coriander tea is helpful for this. It contains volatile oils that are helpful.Coriander tea can be made by adding some coriander seeds in a cup of water and allow it to boil and let it cool and add sugar and milk after that.


Margosa, a variety of leaves having antiviral properties that can be kept in your room to prevent the spread of further infection.

Boost up your fluid intake

An increase in fluid intake helps keep maintain your body balance. Take a good amount of fruit juices mainly citrus fruit juices that help to provide you a good amount of antioxidants to your body and also maintains the electrolyte balance. And you can consume green tea and herbal tea, are also helpful.

Use of damp washcloth

Soak a cloth in water for few minutes, remove excess water and rub in from elbow to hands and knees to feet that will help you make cool and removing excess water from your body. And thus lowers your body temperature. You can chill your body by taking a bath with either cold water or Luke-warm water that can make you feel relaxed and reduce your body temperature.

Lemon socks

Strange but yes it a good home remedy to viral fever. Just squeeze some lemon juice in a cup of hot water (not boiling water). Soak the socks in them, remove excess water and wear it and above them put on a pair of thick socks for comfort and wear this overnight. This will surely affect you.

Vicks and Petroleum Jelly

Have a good habit of washing your hands like when you sneeze or you a cough, that can help you reduce the spread of your infection to others. A use of vaporizers like Vicks can also prove helpful to you. In case if you have more cough or sneeze or either a runny nose you can use petroleum jelly if your nose gets lacerated.

Use our 10 home remedies for viral fever say goodbye to all your viral fever symptoms and hence to your viral infection.viral infection.

Prevention of viral fever

Prevention against viral fever is a step towards a healthy and infection free life. It does matter a lot to examine your personal hygiene and has a healthy routine.

Viral fever is epidemic in nature, thus you cannot prevent viral fever because it is a viral infection and virus can spread by any route with what you might be unknown. But yes you can follow certain cleaning and hygiene protocols that can help you fight viral fever:

  • Wash your hands once you enter your home from outside. Carry a sanitizer along while traveling will help you to get rid of germs you accumulated.
  • Avoid highly crowded places. Even if you’re in such place, cover your mouth.
  • In case if you have a cough and cold, sneezing then cover your face and nose properly.
  • Before eating or consuming any food or drink have a habit to wash your hands and face also.
  • Before touching any member of your family when you come from outside to prevent any viral contact especially small children.
  • Take remedial steps when you see any symptoms of viral fever.
  • Eat healthy food high on vitamins and proteins and build your immunity

Taking such steps will not only minimize chances of viral attack but also help in keeping your body and immune system strong. So for a long and healthy life make sure that you change your lifestyle and live a fit and fab life.

And most important thing, if you find any viral fever symptoms call the doctor immediately.

Prognosis in viral fever

The prognosis in viral infection is good because of body’s own immune system. If viral infection affected you previously then your body’s immune system makes antibodies against the virus. So next time when virus attack on your body,  antibodies for the virus are already present in your body that fight against the virus and kill them. This way our body immune system prevents viral infection.


Now you know what you have to take care to prevent any viral fever and viral infection. Use our said home remedies for viral fever if you find any above mentioned viral fever symptoms. Employ these things in your day to day life and thus stop viral infection from entering your lives. Stay Clean, Stay Healthy.

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