Walnut Health Benefits


Start eating Walnut now because here are the great advantages of Walnut…..

Cancer-Fighting Properties
Walnuts reduce risk of prostate and breast cancer. Overall whole walnut diet reduced prostate cancer by 30-40%.

Heart Health
Among all nuts walnuts contain highest antioxidants. About 100 grams of walnuts give 20 mmol antioxidants that makes them effective in combating heart disease by their ability to destroy free radicals.

Prevents Diabetes
All nuts including walnuts are good for patients with diabetes.

Induces Sleep
Walnuts contain melatonin that conveys the messages regarding the cycles of light and dark to the body. Since melatonin is synthesized by the body walnut increases blood levels of melatonin.

Good for Hairs
Biotin in walnuts is a good hair product that helps strengthen hair, reduce hair fall and improve hair growth.

Helps To Have Glowing Skin
Walnuts being rich in vitamins and antioxidants that prevent free radical damage thus preventing wrinkles and signs of ageing.

Helps Prevent Dementia
Vitamin E and flavonoids in walnuts helps improve memory and physical and emotional control. They destroy the harmful free radical chemicals that cause dementia.

Good for Pregnant Women
To-be mothers that consume diet rich in fatty acids such as found in walnuts reduces baby’s chances of developing food allergies.

Helps Fight Stress
Including walnuts and walnut oils in diet has lowered both resting blood pressure and blood pressure responses to stress. Walnuts are rich in fiber, antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids (alpha linolenic acid). These contents help fighting stress.

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