Weight Loss: A Herculean Task or a Cake Walk?


Have you ever thought how celebrities lose weight and stay fit regularly? The one reason that makes them look fit and healthy is proper consistency and dedication. Dieting for many is a daunting task because it makes you avoid most of your favorite food.

If you’re an avid lover of Indian food, then your weight gain is because of the excess oil and sugar added in these food items. Weight gain that leads to obesity is also linked to poor mental and health issues.

Weight loss is not overnight but takes weeks or months to get back in shape along with the strict implementation of diet and religiously hitting the gym or fitness classes.

Using a right approach of getting a proper diet plan according to your weight and body requirements can act as an effective fat burner and help in a long term. We bring the most effective and diet friendly tips on weight loss following which you’ll witness changes in your body regime.

  • Watch out for Fluids: We generally don’t consider fluids as a part of a diet plan, but they are important ingredients to bring down the weight. Excess drinking of tea or unhealthy fluids can invite weight and health problems. These fluids have a stack of calories that can add up in weight over a period of time. Drinking green tea is the most effective way considered for weight loss. It helps in burning approx. 70 additional calories that get collected in your body.
  • Dance your way to Fitness: Does gym depresses you? Running makes you eat more than ever? Well then opt for fitness in a fun way. Go for Dance classes and dance your heart out. It will not only make you lose weight but you will also learn a new form. So whether you choose Spicy Bhangra or sexy belly moves or Hip Hop just forget your weight issues and dance it out.
  • Munching Healthy Snacks: When you’re on a diet plan, it is also equally important to deal with junk cravings. Consume healthy fats from nuts, seeds, and olive oil, along with high-fibre vegetables. Opt for tummy filling Smoothies, Greek Yoghurt for dessert and Pita and Hummus to snack on and make your fitness journey delicious.
  • Count your Calories: Seeking advice from nutritionist regarding the calorie intake to maintain the weight can be helpful. Technology has moved ahead of us, offering some digital ways to count on our weight. Check out the calorie calculator available online that will help in determining the number. This calculator is helpful during the workout and regular diet session.
  • Meditate for Positivity: Positive thoughts are essential when it comes to weight loss Many have a fear of negative impact on their body with excess diet. You need to speak to yourself and choose your comfort spot to sit, relax and meditate. Give yourself time to understand your fears, expectations and shut down the outside voices that say losing weight is difficult or impossible.


According to nutritionists, dieting is not only to spread right calories in the body but to make meal nutritious and sweet. Exercising, positive attitude and patience do pay off your goal of maintaining a proper body structure for long years. Moreover, following the above mentioned practices can be also beneficial.

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