Zika Virus- Preventing yourself from this Dreaded Disease


First identified in monkeys in Uganda in 1947, the very first human case of Zika virus was detected in Nigeria in the year 1954. However being in control, this viral infectious disease has claimed millions of deaths in Western and Asian countries. Zika is a mosquito-borne disease and is generally transmitted through sexual contacts. It is primarily transmitted through infected mosquitoes named Aedes, which are also responsible for Dengue and Chikungunya and bite during the day.

The viral infection has claimed deaths of unborn babies who get infected through pregnant women. Infection during pregnancy is also linked to miscarriage and microcephaly, a congenital brain condition. Currently being worked on the Zika vaccine, it’ll reportedly help to bring down the death rate.

How Zika Virus causes infection?

The major cause of this infection is the biting of infected mosquitoes which injects a virus into blood, semen, and saliva of the person. A person travelling to infected area or having a sexual contact with the infected person will have a high chance of getting infected. Travelling to high-risk areas like Pacific region, Central and South America can prove fatal. Basically, the major cause of this viral infection is the transmission from affected person to healthy person.

How would you catch the virus sign?

Zika virus symptoms are quite similar to dengue and other mosquito bite diseases. It starts from high fever and skin rashes to muscle pain, conjunctivitis, and headache. These symptoms can last for 3-7 days. Pregnant women infected with this virus may transmit the same to the unborn child who’ll show the symptoms of abnormalities, including microcephaly.

The symptoms of Zika virus start showing within 3-10 days after a bite and can last for weeks. If you witness any such symptoms in the initial stage, visit your doctor for the examination and medications.

Diagnosing the Virus:

It is quite difficult to diagnose this virus because the symptoms are quite similar to Dengue and Chikungunya. The igm-positive test is generally considered to diagnose. Moreover, RT-PCR testing of serum is used for detecting the presence of Zika virus. Certain lab tests on body fluids and semen are also considered.

Getting prevention from Zika Virus:

Though there is no vaccine available for Zika virus, but taking up precautionary measures is always a great way to avoid higher stage of this infection. An infected person needs enough rest and drinking enough fluid is very important. Instant medical attention is very important in the initial stage of Zika virus symptoms.

To prevent this infectious virus, you need to come up with certain measures like:

  • Wearing full body clothes to avoid any mosquito bite
  • Cleaning potential mosquito breeding sites nearby
  • Avoiding any kind of physical connection with an infected person
  • Keeping windows and doors closed
  • Practicing of safer is highly recommended
  • Avoid travelling to infected areas


Zika Virus can attack you anytime, anywhere. It is important to be alert and follow preventive measures to avoid any connection with the virus. Keeping your surrounding clean is the major preventive measures to act against this viral infection.

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